AutoBrush® – Lander Enterprises, LLC

AutoBrush® is the first automatic toothbrush that both cleans and whitens teeth with dental grade LED Blue Light technology. Perfect for everyday whitening as a part of your brushing routine while providing 360-degree coverage for a guaranteed full mouth clean in just seconds. With AutoBrush® for Kids, you can take the chore out of brushing – and add the fun! We also offer tongue scrapers, fluoride-free foaming toothpaste, eco-friendly dental flossers and more for a fully equipped dental-grade regimen. Years of “innovation” had barely improved the humble toothbrush. Give your smile the care it deserves with AutoBrush®. By downloading our app, you get:

– Exclusive Discounts and Promotions
– Early Access to Sales
– Early Access to Product Launches
– Exclusive Content, Tips & Tricks
– Updates on your Dental Regimen (order tracking, subscriptions)
– And more!