Autific – Sandeep Jain

Autific ( is a must have app that aims to increase your child’s cognitive functions, as well as provide an entertaining, yet education, learning environment.

Autific uses advanced AI technology to recognize images. This tool is extremely useful, and can simulate multiple effective therapies such as Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT) and the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM). These therapies are proven to be extremely effective when administered properly. Fortunately, Autific contains an extensive guide on how to most effectively use this feature of the application.

Autific uses multiple choice games for the four different operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Fully equipped with sound effects and animations, this game is guaranteed to fully immerse your child in the wonderful world of mathematics!

Additionally, Autific uses this format of a multiple-choice game to help your child understand/recognize specific facial expressions. With over 10 different expressions to learn, your child will be able to recognize them all in no time!

In addition to the multiple-choice quiz games, Autific provides a short answer quiz game as well, in order to increase fine motor skills. These games are geared toward grammar, which is one of the hardest topics for children to grasp. With detailed explanations and examples of each part of speech, your child will be a grammar pro in no time! Over 8 different parts of speech are offered in Autific’s extensive grammar guide.

Autific also allows for your child’s imagination and creativity to take over. With a built-in drawing board, your child’s imagination will take the front seat, and can often depict what your child is actually feeling. This can help them manage their emotions better.

And, of course, Autific has a detailed guide for every single feature in this app, so if you are ever lost, view this guide for a comprehensive overview of every aspect of this application.