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Aurora HQ is a totally free app that provides groups and individuals with inspiring experiences and connects people with purpose to change lives and change the world. This app is an essential part of your preparation for an Aurora adventure or event, where you can access the latest news, your training programs and other great tips.

Aurora HQ has been designed to EDUCATE, SUPPORT & iNSPIRE you on your trekking and sporting journey through intensive and interactive programs on a range of topics including Sports Psychology, Sports Science and Sports Nutrition all in the palm of your hand. With content created by industry experts and approved by athletes and coaches all over the world, you can be sure you’re getting the best of the best when it comes to programs and resources.

Track your wellness
Unlike other boring, clunky Athlete Management Systems or tracking apps, Aurora HQ has been created with the time poor user in mind.

Body Health: Track your Pain and Fatigue levels to keep track of your injury, burn out and rehab programs.

Brain Health: Stay on tack mentally by tracking your Mood and Sleep patterns to stay in control of stress and burn out.

Food Health: Track your food choices, and meal timings to ensure you’re eating enough wholesome food at regular times throughout the day.

Performance Health: Track your training, recovery and competition sessions to stay in tune with your weekly and monthly training programs and on track physically as you chaser your goals.

Wearable Tech
Aurora HQ has made sharing your wearable tech data super easy, via integration with Apple Health Kit, so all you need to do is sync your devices and your data will automatically stream into our tracking functionality.

Educational Programs
Aurora HQ is able to bring you thousands of hours of in app content on a range of different wellness areas from Sports Psychology all the way to Performance and Recovery.

Stay tuned for our premium content each month where we bring in professionals and guest presenters to really ramp up the intensity.

Through Education from our programs, combined with Support from our tracking system you are sure to feel inspired throughout your entire sporting and trekking journey, and into your professional career. Let Aurora HQ do the work for you when it comes to health programming and wellness tracking so you’re able to focus on your training, performance and success.


Aurora is more than an adventure and events management company, we encourage our community to connect, inspire and explore.

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