Aura: English HD – Imaginative Augmented Intelligence, Inc

Aura is the only place where you can learn English HD, a new and revolutionary system that uses COLOR to teach American English pronunciation. By using color for specific sounds, you can now easily learn all the sounds of American English!

Learning English is hard because English is confusing! For example, the letter “A” can represent 7 different sounds! Every other English lesson tries to explain this broken system by creating rules that work sometimes and don’t work other times! Memorizing all these different rules can be confusing and a waste of time.

With English HD, one color = one sound. It’s that simple, and we do the coloring for you. Forget every lesson about English pronunciation and join us on your journey to master American English Pronunciation!

Using Aura is amazingly simple:

• Search any word, in multiple languages, and translate them into English HD!

• Easily save any word or translation as a flashcard. Store them in personalized decks to study anywhere, anytime.

• We will be continually adding free video-lesson content, covering topics such as pronunciation, slang, conversation, and more. In addition, if you want to accelerate your learning, we also have an English HD 12 Day Master Course for a one-time payment of just $46.99, which covers everything you need to know about English HD.