AugmentU – DMR eDesigns, LLC

AugmentU provides a platform where images turn into an animated avatar that talks to you on your phone or turns into a video, providing more detail about the image. Images can be at fixed locations (such as shown on a map) or can be anywhere else (such as in a magazine).

This app allows users to view augmented reality content provided by an organization, such as a university. The organization provides the content that the users will augment through the app.

1) Pick your organization

When you open the app, select the organization that you would like to augment and explore.

2) Select your target

Next, select the target that you would like to learn more about. For example, explore upcoming school events, programs, university buildings, and more. You can also use the search feature at the top to find the target.

3) Time to Augment

Now that you are ready to augment, select the target which bring you to map screen. Move your camera around to find your selected target. Boom! You have augmented your image to come to life. You can now enjoy watching your avatar or video as it teaches you more about your campus.

4) On campus? Touring? Check out our map and augment the world around you!

To explore the objects as they appear on campus, select the “targets in map” tab. Now, you can see the targets as they actually appear around you. To augment the target nearest you, select the red pointer on the map. Finally, click the augment button to bring the target to life!