Augmented Alley – Seed Interactive Inc

Enhance your museum experience with this augmented reality app!

Scan artifacts on the museum floor to discover iconic Canadian treasures and get a glimpse of how they would have worked at the time. Beautiful animations and stunning augmented reality overlays bring these artifacts to life and let you experience them in ways no museum would ever let you. See vintage footage, hear retro music, and be transported to the recent past!

Augmented Alley gives you a window into of one of Canada’s most extensive historical collections and lets you relive old memories … or make new ones, sharing the novelty of a rotary phone, a record player, or a typewriter with fellow “treasure-hunters”.

Compare the real artifacts on display to detailed, true-to-life illustrations in-app and explore fun factsheets that bring to light surprising details and stories of the featured artifacts.

13 unique artifact experiences to unlock
Exciting mix of AR experiences and interactive animations
3D SLAM-based markerless object recognition
Fun factsheets with pop-up features and artifact details
True-to-life artifact renderings