Audio Editor HD – Turbokey Studio

Audio Editor : Multi Tracks is a multi-track audio editor.
You can use it to add background music to your recording, or mix different instrument together.

Main features:
Record audio by microphone or import audio from iTunes/cloud drive.
Edit audio by “cut”, “copy”, “paste”, “undo”, “redo”.
Simple effect processors are available: “Tempo”, “Pitch”, “Fade in”, “Fade out”, “Gain”, “Noise reduction”
Adjust track volume, or solo/mute the track on track panel.
Align audio on different tracks by inserting silence or dragging track around with one-finger-long-press gesture.
Try all features before payment and mixdown.

one-finger-long-press gesture:
one fingers press on a track, don’t move, hold for one second, then slide to move whole track around.