Auctions & More – Megha Singla

Auctions and More is a leading professional entity for sale of properties. The promoters have an experience of more than 12 years in the field of banking NPA resolution, One Time Settlement (OTS) with the Bank, OTS Funding and loan facilitation etc.
Eagle Capital Services group (Eagle Capital Services & Auctions and more) have sold several high profile Account properties under SARFESI Act & through settlement, which have been well appreciated in the banking circle. Auctions and more uses its depth of experience and expertise across a wide range of professional services to deliver a comprehensive service to its clients.
Eagle Capital Services is carrying its profession under two trade name:-
Eagle Capital Services- The entity is undertaking the financial assignment for loans, finance & settlement with the Bank or NBFC’s.
Auctions and More- The entity is undertaking selling and marketing of properties under auction, settlement with the borrower or through our dedicated area wise associates.