Attendz – Mohamed Asfahani

Rules are Rules!
We introduce “Attendz”, a handy application which removes the hassle of buying Biometric machines and integrating systems to register attendance for employees.
This application utilizes the location of employees device and does a precision calculation with a pre-defined location to determine attendance.
These pre-defined locations are managed by Administrators on the management portal, where Administrators can create, edit and delete locations/users.
Additionally, they can mange the precision calculation done by the app by specifying the Punching Range, in other words, they can specify the distance circumference (in meters) by which the application will accept the registration.
Approvals are also available through the app, by which the direct manager can approve or reject an attendance. These approvals are determined by the system based on the Shift-Start time of each employee, working hours, missed check-out, etc…
Reports are also available through the management portal based on daily/monthly search criteria.