Atomic Habits: Habit Builder – Youngsang Doh

Atomic Habits is designed to motivate you to form great habits. Even when life gets busy, with this app you will be able to set new goals for positive habits and overcome a lack of motivation and willpower. If you make any daily improvement in your habits, or master the tiny behaviors that can guide you into the right direction, you will see remarkable results in your life.

Remember, big changes come from small changes; little tweaks in daily habits might seem unimportant at first, but they will compound into dramatic results if you are willing to stick with them for months and years. Breakthrough events are often the result of a series of previous actions that build up the potential necessary to make a major change.

Atomic Habits App as your assistant tool aims to help you to form new habit goals and stick to them. You can set notification reminders so you don’t forget to do a task at a particular time and check it off when you are done. Challenges section gives you motivation to keep high streaks, and stick to your good habits.