Atlas – Southern Hemisphere – Ashish Agrawal

Want to learn about the amazing countries in the Southern Hemisphere? Then this app is for you.

This Southern Hemisphere Atlas will help you learn about all the 32 countries that are entirely below the equator.
It teaches you about their Capitals, Currencies, Languages and a bonus fun fact, hand picked by me. It also points you to where those countries are on the map, and gives you a colorful visual of their flag.
Also included is a sneak peak at an amazing picture about that country, that will hopefully entice you to go visit it.

You can scroll to find a country or you can use the search to find a country in southern hemisphere. Curious about which countries take dollars ? Well the search bar searches through capitals and currencies as well !

This app is created only for educational purposes as a part of a science project and is not intended for commercial use. By installing this app you agree that you won’t use this app for commercial purposes and you agree to any terms that apply to Google Maps.