Atlantic Way Explorer – Aster Xplorer

This app is designed to make it easy to find wilderness, natural wonders, and historic sites along the Wild Atlantic Way. It is linked to google maps and so you can easily see where you are in relation to sites of interest along the route.
If you are interested in puffins breeding, wildflowers of the Burren, sheer cliff faces, fairy bridges or castles, and towers this is the app for you. Natural wonders section includes one of the best Dark sky locations in the world, glowing phosphorescence in shallow bays, wild waterfalls, and natural blow holes. Birds and Beasts section will help you find herds of deer, thousands of wintering wildfowl, and direct you to places to watch basking sharks and whales off the coast. Historic sites include ogham stones, Mesolithic tombs, medieval churches, as well ancient abbeys, and stone circles.
The app is organized so that you can search for sites on a map, by county, or by features of interest. Each site is described with photographs and linked to google navigation to take you there.