ATI Alert – RockDove Solutions, Inc.

– Gain one-tap access to continuity, disaster recovery, safety, and crisis plans in an actionable format
– Activate your people and instantly send alerts, notifications, and incident reports
– Better prepare and train your teams with evacuation routes, maps, and key contact information

– Respond faster with scenario-based shared checklists

– Limit property damage and danger to your people

– Rebuild and restore with minimal cost and maximum coordination
– Effectively communicate during all phases of fire/water/mold damage/remediation

The ATI Alert app is a turnkey recovery and crisis planning tool. It provides easy access for key stakeholders who need to coordinate an emergency response in the event of a disaster. Recovery of personnel and property is critical, and every second counts. The ATI Alert app can be used during a crisis for emergency action and after a crisis for coordinating property restoration and fire/water/mold damage remediation.

Perfect for any size organization, the ATI Alert app makes engaging protocols intelligently easier, more efficient, and more effective. The results include a safer workplace, faster disaster recovery, quicker property restoration, and savings to the bottom line.