Astro Master – Charles Alasdair Busby

The Arpine Group proudly presents the Astro Master App!

This app has been designed by maritime professionals and developed to provide assistance to anyone conducting celestial navigation either in a classroom or real world setting.  

Features of the app include:

– A simple guide as to what is expected to pass a celestial navigation exam as part of a UK deck officer cadetship.
– Custom made calculators that allow mariners to convert their longitude to time and / or convert local mean times to GMT.
– A calculator that automatically converts raw sextant altitude data to true altitude and true zenith distance.
– Multiple choice quizzes that provide instantaneous feedback and cover all aspects of celestial navigation from first principles all the way to the more complex elements.

This App is the first generation of resources being developed by The Arpine Group and is designed to complement our online learning platform due to be released in early 2021.