Astona Business – Bhanu Narisetty

“Astona is committed to streamline all farm & subsidiary activities and address supply chain issues. The company is providing a free service platform for the farmers and a marketplace for all other stakeholders. By using technology and timely service, Astona strives to get high yield and the Maximum Possible Price (MxPP) to sustain farmer, thereby securing food for future generations.
Agri Global Market – Agriculture activity in India is ever increasing as such the produce. There need a new markets, which is Global in nature, yet accessible locally is the key forever growing agricultural produce.Astona provides the platform to suit global markets with localised face. This Agri Global Market of Astona is a digitalised agriculture market for all buying and selling of Agri Produce and subsequent Finished Good.
Astona continuously strive to provide a maximum price possible (MxPP) above minimum support price (MSP) for the farmers. Astona MxPP is going to be the benchmark for the sustainability of agro-based economies like India. The company is committed to address the issues of farmers by integration of input like Land Rentals, seeds, Fertilisers, Pesticides & Insecticides, Nutrients & Micro Minerals, Labour, Storage and Marketing activities of the farmer by pooling all stakeholders at one place. Astona will analyse the DemandSupply balance & suggest timely updates to farmer in getting right crop decision.
Astona helps in procuring the agri raw material in a time-phased manner, which is useful in maintaining plant/mill efficiency at peak with minimum inventory. The company is dedicated to help the agri based processing units in procuring raw material with Minimum Price Possible (MiPP) and lowest distance possible to the plant/mill to minimise procurement bottlenecks. “