Assos Ancient City Information – NaraEdTech


It is an application that provides information about Assos Ancient City on the map or with a QR code reader. During the visit to the Ancient City, information about the area in Turkish and English can be read by reading the QR code.

In addition, Turkish and English information about the selected region can be obtained from the Assos Ancient City city plan.

Information about Assos Ancient City and Regions
– Agora
– Acropolis
– Research History
– South Terrace Area
– Athena Temple
– West Church
– Bouleuterion
– Early Ottoman Mosque
– South Stoa and Bath
– Gymnasium
– Assos City Plan
– North Stoa
– Harbor
– Necropolis
– City Walls
– Theatre of Assos
– History of Assos
– Famous People of Assos
– Xenodochion