Associo – Dmitriy Kegeles

Multiplayer game similar to ‘Dixit’ or ‘Imaginarium’. Only instead of drawn cards, players share photos.
Round goes like this:
1. Host makes a photo and writes association. For example “Favorite day of my life”.
2. Other players take photos to match this association. They want to deceive other players to think that it’s them who actually is the Host.
3. Players vote for the card they think Host made.
4. When everyone has voted, points are calculated as follows:

1. When you are not the host, you get 3 points if you guessed host card and 1 point for each player that voted for your card.
2. If you are the host and someone votes for your card you get 3 points, plus 1 point for each additional player.
3. But if everyone votes for your card, then your association was too obvious and you lose -2 points.
4. If no one votes for your card, you lose -3 points.