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Asset Management is one best of the Internet of things (IoT) solutions for managing and tracking valuable assets for the organization. Make lost assets decrease; also, there can real-time monitoring of the location, which flexible meets the requirement to improve your asset management to be more efficient.

Do you concern these problems?
– Do your assets work?
– Where are your assets?
– How does the status of assets work?

NOSTRA Asset management
1. Manage your Asset
You can register to create a profile by yourself and edit, manage the various device groups at the same time. Also, define the different geofencing areas for each specific user group.

2. View on the Map
Which the precise high map, the administrator can visible real-time the Asset location through Application.

3. Create & Select area
Keep an eye on your asset’s easy way. You can create a new area on the map and define the geofencing areas one by one device of assets. Setting up the notification, when the assets move out of your geofencing area, the alarm will inform you immediately.

4. Get automatics Alerts
Get an automatic alert when the device in charge has abnormalities such as low battery level or assets move outside the geofencing area.

5. Call for help
Safety first with the calling function for help. The administrator can quickly call through the Help Center to allow the asset location, which the helper conduct or supports immediately.

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