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“Ask Yourself Everyday” is a unique tool that lets you understand your life better with a simple act of answering questions daily. What questions? Well, questions that matter to YOU, really! You can create your own questions, or you can select one from from the list suggested by our community. Keep answering daily and in just 18 days you’ll unlock powerful statistics and insights that will let you see your life at a glance!

“I’ve been tracking how happy I am on my job with this app for a few month – once I started noticing that my job satisfaction score was quickly going down, I realized that I needed to take a vacation. Helped a lot!”

“At some point this year, I was struggling with severe anxiety. I felt like I was going nowhere. I started to use this app to track my symptoms – I hoped that I would eventually see it trending down in the app. And, of course, it soon did.”

“It’s easy to stop caring for yourself when you’re immersed by something. I was working on this new project for a few weeks pretty much non-stop, and just ignoring everything else. But once I saw that my ‘How do you feel today physically?’ score was heading down rather dramatically, I realized that I had to at least go for a walk once a day.”

“Helped me escape a toxic relationship – I was responding ‘this sucks’ pretty much every single day. Data doesn’t lie”

• Create your own questions, whatever’s important to you! “Did I drink too much coffee today”? “How’s my pet turtle doing”? “Did I go for a run this morning”? Whatever you need!
• Need inspiration? Find your next question in our curated list of Community Suggestions. It might have just what you need. And if you’re in a sharing mood – please submit your own too!
• Your life at a glance: explore trends and advanced statistics to better understand yourself, your life and how it’s changing.
• Never miss a day: make simple daily self-reflection a habit by setting a daily reminder – we’ll remind you daily at 9:15pm.
• Self-reflection without a journaling! Yes, we love journaling, but we also understand that it takes lots of time and effort. Answering questions with predefined answers though takes none! It’s a simplest form of self-reflection there is.

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