Ask Hail – ahmed fahmy

The Ask Hail application is an electronic service, for the people of the Hail region and its honorable visitors to exchange experiences and experiences, browse and spread advertisements in various ways with a modern and modern vision and a suitable display method for all and the application consists of:
1- The Ask Hail section (for inquiries, consultations, and exchange of experiences and experiences), where members can add their posts and questions according to certain controls, and other members can respond to questions and benefit from the information circulated with the possibility of the person asking the question hiding his name from appearing and alerts will reach him with any responses or comments about what He asked) with a selection of lawyers, thinkers, and documenters, and they will have private addresses. There will be special participations for members in this section (coverage of rain, people, wildflights and spring sites – photos and video -) or they will have a special main section
2- All what you search and ask about from real estate in the Hail region and its governorates (for sale, purchase, rent and investment) you will find it in a modern and easy-to-use manner that saves time, effort, money and speed of communication between the applicant and those interested in the request, and the application displays all the services of buying, selling and electronic marketing for it in the Hail region and its governorates in ways A recent presentation of the property by displaying real estate on Google Maps and viewing the vital services that are next to the real estate from hospitals, schools and other services. The property is displayed in pictures, videos and a comprehensive description of it with the ability to communicate with the property owner easily
3- Business sector section (We offer you the best and finest various activities in the Hail region and its governorates in a modern and useful way that saves time, effort, research and speed of communication between the service provider and the applicant, such as hotels, furnished apartments, coffees, restaurants, chalets, restrooms … etc.