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Do you go to your home country to buy a saree or patiala suit or Kurta pajama when there is a wedding in your family?

Is limca drink easily available in your area if there is no asian store? Or Kurkure? Or Rooh Afza? when there is holi celebration do you have colours, or in the month of Ramadan, do you need something specific ?

Through the asian market place app you can buy and sell anything and everything related to India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, it easily connects you to vendors from your home country.

Do you feel like buying something right away? Download the app, register yourself and browse thousands of products listed on our app through vendors in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Do you want to sell something to earn in pounds? Dollars ? In your home country? Register on our app, list an asian item, upload pictures, set price and sell them abroad. It’s that simple.

Do you have questions before buying from the vendor you are looking at? Why Don’t you send them a message directly through the app and inquire about the product you desire?

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