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March NEW projects launched and promotions available for our agents.

Asialand Project APP offers bilingual interface is set to bring our sales agents and partners with best mobile selling experience. 

Register and contact our channel manager to activate your Aisaland account today, you can have: 

√ Real time and managed pricelist
√ Complete marketing documents 

√ Online reservation submission 

√ Share project information but with your contact details

And so much more to explore!

— About Asialand —

Asialand is your comprehensive solution at every stage of your project.

Found in 2012, Asialand’s focus is on property development and project marketing. What truly makes us ahead of the game, is the power of knowledge we have over the local market and our understanding of clients’ needs. So far, Asialand has completed more than 100 townhouses projects, with a combined value in excess of $82 million. At the same time, we’ve currently marketing over 100 residential projects through a network of over 2000 channel agents and brokers, having sold $258 million worth of new developments.