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Arudito collects, organizes, and presents all your required resources in an intuitive way of getting the best grade in exams.

Arudito provides class slides, video lectures, and handwritten notes of your university to study anytime anywhere. Arudito has by far the largest collection of historical questions and answers about various exams: mid-semester to the end-semester, labs, quizzes.
Arudito also compiles and prepares revision notes for each subject for quick revision right before the exam. Arudito collects projects from students and makes it available for you to review before you start your own project. To help you gain deeper knowledge on any subject Arudito provides the best resources on any given subject by recommending great books from an Arudito like you.

Class Slides:
A slide-share with crisp information on the topic, mostly given by the professors or instructors teaching the subject.

Lecture videos:
Videos of various topics taught by professors from your university are available on Arudito.

Class Notes:
We know the trouble of attending all the classes. So if you have missed some classes, don’t worry, we have made every topic’s handwritten notes available for you!

Recommended Content:
A curated list of resources for you to learn any topic from the world’s best collection curated by Arudito AI.

Exam Papers:
Mid-semesters and End-semester exam papers are available for quick access. You can practice these papers with your friends anytime and anywhere you want.

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Nervous about your assignment? Practice the old Assignments here first.

Lab Sheets:
If you are unable to find Lab sheets anywhere, Arudito is the place for you.

Quizzes and Tutorials:
You can also find quizzes and tutorial papers from various years for your practice.

Revision Notes:
Want to do a quick revision before the exam? Use the Revision notes on Arudito to revisit all the topics quickly!

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Arudito has crowdsourced its content from scholars like you and curated it to tend to everyone’s needs. Be a part of this amazing community by contributing.