ARTZO – Artiton

ARTZO is a mobile platform for contemporary art collectors who follow radical and influential artists and believe in the power of big data.

By collecting and consolidating arts-related data as well as content from over 28k+ auctions (4m+ lots), 4k+ art galleries, 1k+ social media databases, ARTZO users will be able to learn about the multi-faceted art world through a fresh and knowledgeable perspective.

To strengthen the bridge between you and the art market, ARTZO’s app allows you to feel in the moment with original artworks through stories and be a part of an interactive multi-video gallery experience to connect as well as engage with artists more deeply.

your favourite artists, galleries, auction sales, collectibles, and learn about their latest trends, updates, and insights

newly released artworks and unprecedented artist collaborations

with collectors, galleries, auction houses, artists, and patrons of culture anytime anywhere

in your arts decision making supported by ARTZO’s comprehensive multidimensional big data analytics

your art journey during art fairs and engage with the wider arts community

virtual exhibitions with high quality, immersive, engaging and meaningful content