Artisanal Miner – Sohil Vaghela

In an age of supply-chain transparency, when a $4 cappuccino comes with an open and clear explanation of where the coffee was grown, and how it was produced, even luxury goods such as precious metals and precious stones are under pressure to prove that their production is sustainable and fair.

For example, The Kimberley Process, launched in 2000, and aimed at reducing the flow of conflict diamonds, has started this process, yet a truly fair-trade system would not only ban diamonds mined in conflict areas, but also allow conscientious consumers to buy diamonds that could improve the working and living conditions of artisanal miners.

At Artisnal Miner, we are committed to making a difference to the communities at the source of this industry, and saying no to poverty. Our vision is to provide social protection for the artisanal miners in South Africa, improving their day to day life and right to food and clean water, by empowering a more equal share of the profit in return for their labour.

Artisanal and Small-scale mining (ASM) refers to informal mining activities carried out using low technology or with minimal machinery.