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Artebula enables children and young adults to learn about art and technology and share their creations with friends, family and the world. We are a STEAM education technology company with a vision to revolutionize the way children learn, engage, create and connect. Our mission is to empower and inspire a world of technology-enabled creators ensuring they have the skills and expertise required to be “21st century ready”.

Our Technology …

All of our technology is based around the Artebula digital learning and content management software platform. Users can capture, store, upload and curate their artwork, share content and watch videos posted by other learners and creators to build their repertoire. With an ever-expanding ecosystem of creators and learners, our platform delivers new and exciting user-generated content to encourage learning and build connection amongst our user base.

Inspired by the rapid uptake of networks and social learning, we built our platform to encourage users to directly engage with other creators, watch prerecorded and educational content, and curate their personal, real-life, creations and collections into shareable digital and hard copy formats. Examples of hard copy formats we support today include printed, photo albums, and posters.

As we grow, we plan to take our social learning environment to the next level. We intend to delight our customers by creating best-in-class digital shareable content, becoming one of the category-defining platforms in STEAM education.

A final word on safety…
Children today are born digital natives. They naturally operate and interact with technology at such an early age and at such a scale that their livelihoods and wellbeing have become wholly intertwined. This affords children the opportunity to grow and connect like no generation before. It really is incredible what they can do, and that is what inspired Artebula! But, as we all know, there are dark sides.

At Artebula we want to build something that really makes children’s lives better. We’re creating a place where they can go full speed towards learning about technology through art, without relying on habit-forming and addiction-building traps to bring them back. We want them to come back because it’s simply fun to be on Artebula!

To accomplish our vision of safety, we have purpose-built our platform to abide by the principles of humane technology

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