Artdeko Jeweler – Artdeko Ltd

As we saw independent jewellers struggle to engage with their potential customers on a human level, and still walk-ins customers account for the majority of their sales.

Artdeko was born to create a platform for jewellers to easily engage with their customers.

Customers want to be heard, get answers to their questions instantly, get their problems solved before making a decision. To be able to meet these demands we created Artdeko with easy to use interface to give your customers a feeling they are connected to your brand before making a decision to visit your store.

Our goal: is to help jewellers interact with online customers without the need to spend hefty money on marketing or expensive website.


Ability to post your latest designs to be viewed by potential customers
Create your own profile
Receive inquiries and answer them instantly
Receive customised orders and send quotations
Get appointments booked in your store
Receive reviews from happy customers