Artcomframe – Artcomframe

Artcomframe helps you to avoid the biggest composition mistakes in drawing from nature. You do not have to worry if the image you are drawing forms a good composition. Artcomframe brings the view to the canvas in good proportions by creating a grid on the image. It transfers the pattern of proportions from one scale to another.

How to use Artcomframe?

1. DRAW diagonals on the canvas you are going to draw on. Split the height and width. Draw small diagonals.
2. MEASURE the height and width of the canvas. Insert it into the app.
3. A window with the size of your canvas will appear on the screen.
4. FIND a suitable grid for the window.
5. When you have found a suitable composition, TAKE A PHOTO.
6. DRAW the picture from the screen or printout to your canvas.