Art of Legion – Wenwen Zhong

Can you lead the legion and win this game of war? Show your battle strategy now!
Art of Legion is a casual strategy game full of various classic battle challenges.
Are you a born general? Can you lead the clan and win all the battles you are going to face? It’s time to show your genius battle strategy in this game of war!

How to Play
-Recruit troops and merge the same troops to get more powerful troop
-Make your unique tactical formation
-Summon heroes and find a real general to lead your army
-Constantly adjust the strategy towards different enemies, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, and then, the weak one can even overcome the stronger one.
-Get all things ready and destroy the enemy
-Defeat the boss to claim great rewards

Game Features
-The perfect combination of idle, merge and strategy gameplay
-Super realistic simulation system, terrain, weather can affect the whole battle here!
-Various troops to deal with different missions with different situations
-Legend generals in history are all available in the hero spirit summon pool!
-Incredible sound and graphic effect
-All the effort will be rewarded here