Arise Christian Audio – Autoplay Technologies Inc.


Arise is a free Christian audio app that offers audio guided prayer & meditation sessions to help us grow in our faith, practice mindfulness, & discover motivation through the word of God. Check out several sessions on encouraging prayer rooted in scripture or create your own prayer sessions through our Lectio Divina series!

In a world relentlessly filled with new stressors, anxiety levels rising, and depression rates at all time highs, it’s important now more than ever to remain steadfast in our faith and put our trust in Him. Use this app as a vessel in order to achieve spiritual growth in your relationship with the Lord. If the tool we created helps foster and strengthen at least 1 relationship with God, we’ll know we’ve done our part to spread the Gospel 🙂


*1 min Prayers: Select any of these short, guided prayers to jump start your prayer routine!
*Lectio Divina: Looking to exist in a space with the Lord with your own thoughts? Use this section to reflect on selected scriptures, meditate on the Gospel, and invite God to come within you!
*Prayers for Encouragement: Sometimes we find ourselves down, forgetting we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Check out this section for guided prayers that will be sure to elevate your spirits!

As Arise is a Christian Audio App, the content is developed by experienced theology and spirituality guides and quality assured by many Church vessels such as theologians, evangelists, preachers, scholars, and the like. While many people from the Christian religion will find immense value from the app, it is meant as a resource for people of all faiths & religions and we invite anyone curious in Christianity to fellowship with us!