ARHQS AR APP L1 – Adam Khan

At Al Harmain Schools we have introduced a new app to support children learn using Augmented Reality, this APP will help them grasp the concepts of Arabic Alphabets and their word usage much faster. Use this app to teach kids the basics of Arabic Alphabets.

Features Include:
• Learn Alphabets – Augmented Reality: Scan the pages of [Qur’an Foundation / Arabic Phonetics], and see the wonders of AR.
• Patrice Writing: Draw on Arabic Alphabets to learn how to write Alphabets in Arabic.
• Finding the Letters: Find words that form with the given letters of Alphabets.
• Match the Words: Drag and drop the images of objects against their words and learning Arabic words.
• Surahs and Poems: A coming soon feature, where you can listen to Poems and Surahs in Arabic of the Qur’an.