Argus Junior Teacher – Euroschool International Private Limited

Empowering Teachers

The anytime, anywhere teacher assistant.

Argus Junior Teachers, is an app designed by teachers, for teachers.

Argus Junior Teachers, will help teachers plan teaching plans, reflect & collaborate on improvement in lesson plan, share best practices, bounce ideas off each other, introspect and improve. The app houses some very
important elements of a teacher’s daily transaction such as weekly teaching plans, teacher resources, reflections, teacher training and classroom observations.

Planning: The weekly teaching plans on Argus Junior Teachers is designed specifically to provide teachers an insight into EuroSchool’s unique pedagogy, lesson delivery of Eunoia Curriculum. Each lesson plan is provided with instructional design, content, activities, resources and worksheets.

Opinions: On Argus Junior Teachers, teachers can not only write their reflections for each lesson but also rate the lesson plan. Every opinion expressed by them contributes to improving the pedagogy.

Teacher contributions: One of the most powerful options on ARGUS Guru is the teaching resources. Early child education specific and content specific resources are tagged to the content, teachers can also record and upload videos of how they teach in class and contribute teaching resources for the EuroSchool teaching community.

Professional Development: On Argus Junior Teachers, teacher professional development can happen anywhere and at any time. The app has professional development tagged to the EuroSchool competencies and teachers can subscribe and undergo training at their convenience.

Introspection and Improvement: On Argus Junior Teachers teachers can invite their peers to observe their lessons and give constructive and positive feedback. This is one of the most important tools in professional development. Formal classroom observations can also be conducted on Argus Junior Teachers. Now no more paper work, scanning and uploading of forms. All this can be done at the click of a button.

Parent Connect: On Argus Junior Teachers, teachers remain connected with parents by sharing their feedback about their ward, able to gauge the learning progress of each and every children of her class and share remediation or enrichment activities to learner groups.