AREAS by YSIM – Xavier Ruiz

Explore Yale’s newest destination for boundary-pushing performances, presentations, and dance parties in AREAS Episode One: The Dome.

As part of the inaugural Yale Schwarzman Center and Center for Collaborative Arts and Media Project Fellowship, Yale Students’ Immersive Media (YSIM) has developed AREAS, an Augmented Reality Experience at Schwarzman. Through a series of augmented reality episodes, AREAS will take you on an immersive virtual journey that animates the dynamic spaces of the Schwarzman Center through student-led and produced art, music, research, and performances.

This app interacts with special AREAS image markers that, when scanned, will unlock exclusive first looks at spaces within the Schwarzman Center. These image markers can be found on posters around campus, or on the Yale Schwarzman Center website.

Scan the first AREAS image marker to unlock a 360° view of the refurbished Dome, featuring work by the Yale Interactive Machines Group, ¡Oye! Spoken Word, Yale Danceworks, and more to come with the release of subsequent episodes!

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