ArcLoop – Aneesh Poddutur

ArcLoop is a visual display of your everyday tasks.


An easy-to-use event-adder makes sure that your events do not overlap, while a clear-to-read table contains all of your added events, their start and end times, and their corresponding color.

CUSTOMIZATION: Add some flare to your ArcLoop by assigning your own custom color to each event’s arc.

AUTOMATIC AM-PM SWITCHING: ArcLoop helps you stay focused on what’s next by only showing you AM Events (and AM portions of AM and PM Events) while in AM, and vice-versa.

AN AD-FREE EXPERIENCE: There are no ads to distract you from keeping track of your events.

ArcLoop helps give you control over your day.
If you need to contact the developer, please visit and click on the contact tab. A response will be sent shortly.