Archie­’s Nose – Ivo Wessel

Archie’s Nose is the new MUST HAVE tool for all art enthusiasts and art professionals. It’s the first app in the art world which primarily serves the user as a digital personal assistant.
Manage your collection: Whether you’re a gallery owner or a private collector – Archie’s Nose will keep your art in order.
QR code: Scan QR code to retrieve all information about an artwork and the gallery.
Scan and see how it fits your place: “Test hang” any piece of art on your wall.
Safeguard your privacy: What’s in your Archie’s Nose is for your eyes only – and for those you choose to share with.
Keep a diary: Save whatever information is relevant to you like artworks, locations, events, links, photos, videos, files – and retrieve it whenever you want to remember.