Arbor Networking – Modus Capital

t’s 2020 and you’re still using physical business cards thinking it will grow your business faster. It won’t. Arbor is the only app that lets you customize your digital business card based on the situation. Once you have a contact’s info, you can schedule appointments and group meetings with a tap! Because what’s the point of a business card if you don’t have an easy way to quickly follow up?
Grow your business and your network like a pro. Imagine 2x-ing, 5x-ing, 10x-ing your sales, productivity, and business opportunities by intelligently managing your new contacts.
Network at events like a boss! Schedule group meetings with new contacts like you own the place.
Imagine hearing similar stories and opportunities from several new connections at a single event. You can group them all together and have a Mastermind meeting with those people all at the same event. You’ll be seen as the leader who gets things done FAST