AR Kai Fudoki Hill – xeen

AR Kai Fudoki Hill is an app which allows users to experience and enjoy learning about a variety of ancient tombs and ruins spread throughout Kai Fudoki Hill/Sone Kyuryo Park, as well as the Yamanashi Prefecture Archaeological Museum.
(Japanese/English/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese)

■AR restoration experience of ancient tombs and ruins.
-The Kai Choshizuka Tumulus, one of the largest keyhole-shaped tumuli in eastern Japan. Also present is the Maruyamazuka Tumulus, the Omaruyama Tumulus, and the Uenodaira Ruins, which is a square-shaped trench grave from the Yayoi period. Users can enjoy these full-scale AR restorations on site.

■Burial Mound/Ruins Map
– Users can read detailed descriptions of many ancient tombs and ruins.

■The King’s Tomb
-“Kaino Takeru” had been sleeping at Kai Fudoki Hill for 1500 years. However, he was suddenly awakened during the excavation, to find that he had completely forgotten which grave was his. Walk around the park and solve mysteries while excavating, so that Kaino Takeru can return to his peaceful slumber. This is a game mode where you can enjoy excavating and research, just like a treasure hunt.

■Fudoki Hill Excavation Collection
-As excavation research progresses, more and more buried cultural properties will be unearthed. Start your collection from the collection screen. Among them are some incredibly valuable artifacts that can only be found on Kai Fudoki Hill.

Please download the app and visit Kai Fudoki Hill to experience the allure of ancient times.

*GPS accuracy may decrease and the display position of the AR graphic may shift, depending on the type of device and the weather.

Producer: Yamanashi Prefecture Archaeological Museum
App Developer: xeen Inc.