Aquifer Motion – Aquifer

Use your iPhone for professional 3D facial animation. Faster than ever.

Aquifer Motion is an all-in-one character facial animation platform. Whether you need to rig, motion capture, or apply animations to your character, Aquifer Motion is easy to use for individuals and teams.

Use the app to capture render-ready animation directly from your iPhone X or above. It will capture 52 muscle movements on the face, including eyes and tongue at 60 fps. Then export FBX, audio, and video files directly from the app to use in Maya, Blender, Unity, Unreal or your preferred animation software.

You can also use the app to live-stream animation directly into Unity using our package or to stream into your own Unity games and apps. While streaming you can apply exaggerations to character expressions and Aquifer will smooth the animation in real-time for high quality streaming.

We have integrations with Unity, and FBX format is compatible with Maya which includes integrations with Advanced Skeleton.

Visit our website to find a detailed app guide and other useful tools for animation creation. You can also use the Aquifer dashboard to upload your own models then sync them with the app to capture animations on your own characters.

Other features:
Capture up to 10 minutes of facial animation.
Expression/blendshape exaggeration settings
Animation smoothing toggle
Simple file and session naming & batching
iOS native share to sync with your Drive or Dropbox or send to team members allowing for effortless collaboration

Terms of Use: