ApyApp – Artur Dailidonis

Seamless no CapEx store digitisation platform that enables checkoutless contactless shopping for your clients. ApyApp harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence to convert traditional stores into autonomous outlets in seconds. The app offers multiple advantages to both shoppers and the store owners.

Simply create a store account, upload a spreadsheet with your product line and pricing, and ApyApp users will be able to buy your items instantly. Print QR codes to identify your store and let your visitors know that they no longer need to go through the traditional checkout.

Shoppers can rejoice at the opportunity to promptly buy a few items without the need to wait in a queue for the next available checkout. Shopping in a brick and mortar store is now as fast as online shopping, with the benefit of immediate product availability.

Contactless Shopping
• Scan and go. Buy groceries and pharmaceutical items
• No need to wait in a queue and go through checkout

No CapEx Digitisation
• The app is free to install for store owners
• No monthly fees and no hidden charges

Increase Sales
• Remove checkout per hour limit from your outlet
• Distributed checkout. Each shopper can now buy as many items as they want immediately
• Machine Vision helps to identify fraud and scams and help identify malicious actors

In addition, we give you powerful analytics tools. As a business owner, you get:
• Sales analytics
• Data about your demographics
• Benchmark performance reviews compared to your peers and stores in the vicinity

As a user, you will have the following useful tools:
• Budget tracker
• Discounts and special offers

Please note that we’re in the early stage of checkoutless revolution and that we’re working hard to deliver all of the features that you ask for. Some of the tools may not be immediately available, or only available to users and store owners in certain regions.