Appliancnza-Appliance Manager – Tran Kim Chi

This is an easy to use, amazing and ads free app to helps user to manage details of your all appliances used at home, office or any other place.
This app has following features –

Add Appliances – User can add any appliance of their choice with details like Name of appliance,Category of appliance, Purchase Date, Warranty Expire Date, Price, Details, Price, Details and image to maintain record of appliances just by tapping “+” button and selecting category of their choice like home, office and other.

View Appliances – User can view appliances related to any category I.e. Home, Office and Others just by selecting the category of their need. On selecting the tab of their choice, user will get list of all appliances related to the selected tab.

Edit Appliances – User can edit and update details of appliances as and when required by the user to maintain updated and correct appliance details.

Delete Appliances – User can delete any appliance, if they do not find the appliance useful anymore.