Appilepsy: Epilepsy Manager – Appilepsy LLC

Appilepsy is an all-in-one app designed to make managing your epilepsy needs easier than ever before!

Appilepsy combines a diversity of functions into one single app. It includes a seizure log, where users can record all seizures, associated triggers, rescue medications given, and more; a medication log, which sends customizable reminders when it is time administer medications, as well as when a medication is due for a refill; an analytics screen, which shows comprehensive graphs that reveal patterns in seizure activity; and a media tab, where users can stay up-to-date on the latests news pertaining to epilepsy.

Appilepsy was developed by a 16 year-old who has a younger sister with epilepsy in the aim of minimizing the difficulties of living with epilepsy through one convenient, easy to use application. We are always striving to add new features and change existing ones to give users the best experience possible. Please reach out to with any suggestions, questions, or feedback.