AppCecibility – LG Solutions

App’Cecibility is the application designed to use your iPhone as a visual tool. It uses your phone’s camera to zoom, modify colors, apply filters, using your flash to have the best quality.

It can be used with a single iPhone as an electronic magnifier but also with a VR glass (Virtual Reality Glass) to provide you an image as close as possible to your eye so a very large image, within an ergonomic tool that limits fatigue, allowing you to keep your hands free.

App’Cecibility was designed and developed with the help of eye care professionals and visually impaired people to get an application functional for all kind of diseases including peripheral vision diseases or central vision diseases, while keeping a fully accessible and intuitive user interface. The application is especially compatible with Voice Over.

The use of a VR glass is also possible with an external Bluetooth keyboard, which will allow you to modify zoom, colors and filters without removing the iPhone from your eyes.

Your iPhone with App’Cecibility will become your best tool.

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