Appaview – Tjerk Geersing

Appaview brings print to life: print becomes a movie, text becomes music, and an image becomes a journey.
When you scan a page with Appaview, you can see the paper come alive.
We connect media through the new technique of Image Response: scanning an image,
Appaview links you to the moving world of movies, music, shops, and other online media.
We are passionate about paper and use smartphone media to enlarge and enrich the
possibilities of print.

For End Users
Appaview is very easy to use. Download, open, and point your device camera at your favourite magazine’s image or page with the Appaview logo, and see what happens!

For Publishers
Contact us at and use Appaview in your publication.

How to use Appaview?
1. Open Appaview and choose your magazine or book.
2. Point your mobile camera at an image or page where our logo is printed.
3. Enjoy Image Response.