App2Vid – App2Vid

Record, send and track video easily with our suite of simple video tools designed to improve your business communications and increase sales. Take walk-around videos directly from the app or record from your desktop computer or laptop using our dashboard system.

Give your business that personal touch and build lasting relationships with App2Vid. You can create personalised and engaging videos that are designed to separate you from the competition. Put a face to a name and share your videos with leads, prospects and customers with our easy to use system.

App2Vid gives you the ability to share your videos in a variety of ways: send using email or SMS, post to your social media pages, embed them on your website, integrate your videos into your existing platform or combine any (or all) of the above.

Our tool suite allows you to strengthen your video communications with GIF previews to give a snapshot of your content, website overlays to impress your contacts and there is even the option for a branded landing page template, which includes calls to action and other important links for your business. Contacts can even reply to your videos with their own video email replies!

The features don’t stop there. You can track the results from your video with real-time reporting, tracking views, engagement and clicks on your videos giving you a detailed outlook on what your contacts are doing with your video content.

So, whether you’re self-employed or work for a much larger corporation, App2Vid can provide you with the necessary tools to improve your business communications and increase sales.