App Screenshot Maker PRO – Jiang Yazhou

Screenshot Maker makes it easy to create gorgeous, custom images for your App Store page and export them in every resolution Apple requires(5.5″, 4.7″, 4.0″, 3.5”), which greatly simplifies the process of generating app screenshot.

With Screenshot Maker,you can set your screenshot on a white or black device with text or above or below it. It is easy to change the font, text color, background color, or background image!Creating screenshots for your universal app has never been easier, Just upload iPad screenshots on the iPad device.And then,you can save it as a project, and change at any time.

In the App Store, iPhone X users will see your screenshots in iPhone X frames, while iPhone 8 users will see iPhone 8 frames.

It is also very simple to export, you can use email or AirDrop or other apps that you can store data, such as dropbox.