Apolloware Residential – Bandera Electric Cooperative Inc

Smart, secure cloud-based energy management system to help you visualize and take control of your energy use to save money.

Apolloware Control Module (ACM) installs on residential and commercial buildings where it monitors various appliance, solar panel power and inverter, and electric service circuits. The ACM transmits this data to a secure Apolloware cloud using the local internet connection. Homeowners and authorized users can view this data from any device through the Apolloware mobile app or website.

Features & Benefits:

Monitor real-time energy consumption with easy to use mobile app.

Voluntarily alter energy use at different times of the day during peak demand to save money.

Monitor major appliances to ensure optimal performance.

Updates to the Apolloware cloud occur automatically.

Receive weekly energy report summary.

Data is encrypted for security.

Additional Benefits for Distributed Generation & Energy Storage:

Monitor current energy generation and consumption by date and time of day.

Visualize solar production vs. energy consumption costs in real-time.

Monitor the performance of your solar installation to ensure optimal performance.

Alter behaviours of energy use at different times of the day during solar peaks to save money.

*Apolloware© software is dependent upon internet connectivity.