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All about your bees

Apiary Book allows recording on mobile phone of information of health and maintenance of each bee colony, treatments carried out, and other operations in the field of beekeeping.

Using a friendly interface, a beekeeper can define several apiaries, can add work to be performed, harvests (honey, wax), colonies movements, veterinary controls and other.

Product features:
• Record information on the number, health and maintenance of each bees family.
• Define several apiaries (hearths).
• Add work to be performed, harvests (honey, wax), colonies movements, veterinary controls and other.
• Check your Timeline – contains all beehive reports, to do actions, colonies movements, harvests, treatments and veterinary checks ordered descending by date.
• Rediscover what activities you did in previous years current month
• Share your dashboard with information about apiary on Facebook, Gmail etc.
• Find route to destination for pastoral trips (using Google Maps).
• Display the location of your apiary on map
• Current data weather and forecast
• Hive details: type, bottom, no of frames, state (active, stored, sold), source and status of the bees, family strength (weak, normal)
• Queen information: year, color, state (cell, mated), status (installed, accepted, replaced)
• Inspections of frames, bee family, brood, queen, drones
• Hive components: addings, removals of frames (new, with honey, bees or brood), supers etc.
• Notes: observations/comments for your apiary
• Feedings: addition, incentives of syrup, sugar syrup, patty, protein patty etc., quantity
• Print/Export to PDF, CSV
• Inventory
• Media gallery: images, videos
• Hive weight recordings
• QR code, NFC tag for hive identification

• Available languages: Romanian, English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Greek, Serbian, Russian, Czech, Portuguese, Polish, Slovak, Turkish, Dutch, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Croatian

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