AnyScale – Tunings & Scales – Ian Johnson

Any Scale is a comprehensive guitar scales and tunings app for anyone looking to get more out of their instrument. Diversify your playing with easy to follow charts, a simple, minimalist aesthetic, audio previews of scales and tunings, and customisable options to allow maximum flexibility.

How does it work?
◦ Select a scale, tuning and key from the dropdown lists.
◦ Hear audio previews of your chosen scale and tuning.
◦ See your chosen scale displayed on the virtual fretboard.
◦ Cycle through display options on the chart to suit your playing style – intervals, notes, or just simple dots.
◦ Add a capo to suit the key you’re playing in.
◦ Easily add your own custom scales and tunings for infinite possibilities.
◦ Quickly switch between right handed and left handed display mode.