Anyone – LuckyDuck

**Five minute advice from the most interesting people on the planet.**

Anyone is a marketplace for five-minute phone calls, helping people to get better advice from people they respect and look up to, while creating a new way to make money from your experience and knowledge.

**Simple phone calls. No video, no texts.**

Let’s face it: video calls are awkward and make us self-conscious, while texting is tedious and opens up for misunderstanding. Calling someone on the phone is a natural and intimate experience where you quickly get to the point.

**All calls are five minutes long.**

We believe that if advice can’t be communicated in five-minutes, it’s not good advice. With a fixed time, everyone knows what to expect, and you won’t pay for small talk, just life-changing feedback or direction.

**In-app events with amazing people.**

Aside from calling anyone who’s available, you’re welcome to join a live in-app event and talk with remarkable people. We create new events every day based on what’s going on in the world, and think it’s a great way to learn new things.