Anxiety Relief Sessions – Digital Industria Ltd

Do you suffer with anxiety? Stress? Worry? Panic attacks? Excessive fear? Depression?

Anxiety and stress related illness are at an all time high right now due to many reasons including job loss, unemployment, financial pressure, bankruptcy, house repossession… you name it, times are tough!

Anxiety can be very distressing whether your symptoms are mild or severe and often accompanied by panic attacks. Anxiety is fuelled by worry and negative thoughts and is also a symptom of stress.

This has written and recorded this session based on her experience of helping people overcome anxiety and manage stress. The recording in itself is extremely relaxing and will bring down levels of stress, allowing your mind to have a break from worry. It then gives you positive suggestions to take on board to cope with stress and anxiety to keep you feeling calm and composed, alleviating both physical and mental symptoms.

This session has been professionally recorded using state of the art digital recording technology. It includes background sound effects and highly powerful voice confusion techniques with different spoken word effects in each speaker to create a wonderfully relaxing deep trance.

Simply listen for 30 minutes, as often as you would like!